How we start

Our process starts by learning about your office culture and your expectations for your staff. We then begin documenting those expectations and finding ways to infuse them throughout your operation, from your front desk to your chairside assistants. If staffing changes are necessary, we will provide the information you need to make the process as easy on you and your team members as possible.

Individualized For You

Team training and development efforts take a variety of forms, and is likely to vary based on your practice needs. We take a strategic approach to training, targeting those areas of most importance to you, assessing employee knowledge and skill levels, then developing a plan to address them.

Our Services Include:

Developing behavior “agreements” between leadership and staff

Addressing conflict resolution

Improving interpersonal communication skills

Proactively and positively addressing challenges

Working with staff on taking a positive approach to change

Establishing performance goals

Providing coaching and leadership skills to key staff

Avitus Dental can also assist with recruitment of new staff. We help you look for those individuals with the qualities you’re looking for, such as a willingness to learn and a commitment to serving your patients well. Our experience has shown that the right person for a practice may not always be the one with the highest level of training or the most years in the business. Instead, it’s a person who is a fit for your practice’s culture who can be trained on the specifics of the position.

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