Let’s make billing simple

Our goal is to make this critical financial aspect of practice management easier for you and your staff. While always being respectful of the relationships you have established with your patients, we can help them be informed about your practice’s financial policies and follow through with them consistently. This results in fewer statements having to be sent, reduced past-due payment statuses and improved profitability for your practice. If collection actions are needed, we also lower your risk by ensuring that all state and federal debt collection practices are followed.

Why outsource your dental billing and collection?

  • No training needed
  • You only pay for the hours needed- with no minimums
  • No payroll taxes
  • No benefits, vacation or holiday pay
  • No additional computers/ equipment
  • No interruptions by patients or phone calls, allowing us to be more efficient

Benefits of outsourcing your dental billing and collection

  • Spending less of their valuable time training team members
  • Having more time for themselves, and their entire team, to focus on providing the best service possible
  • Increasing profitability by decreasing write-offs & increasing in network fee schedules
  • Increasing treatment acceptance by providing patients information regarding their dental benefit plan
  • Increasing treatment acceptance and patient satisfaction through education regarding what dental insurance is and is not

Avitus Virtual Dental Services can help your practice with administrative insurance tasks such as:

Insurance claim submissions

Posting all insurance payments

Aging insurance claims follow-up

Patient Insurance verification

Entry of benefits into practice software

Insurance fee schedule entry

Managing and sending patient statements

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