4-Days to Fabulous!

$2,995/per person

Do you ever wish you knew more about business administration? You’re not alone. Practice administrators everywhere dream of having:

  • More time and expertise
  • Clear expectations from doctors
  • At least one drama-free day in the week
  • A clean desk when they leave at night

We believe in you. You are worth the investment.

Four days. small classes. Interactive learning.

Surrounded by like-minded practice administrators looking to learn and evolve as well.

Bellevue, WA

Session 1:
Oct 31st – Nov 1st &
Nov 21st – 22nd

Session 2:

Jan 2nd – 3rd &
Jan 16th – 17th

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12-Month Mastery Courses

If practice administration is your role, you can stop beating yourself up, burning time trying to find answers and doubting your career choice. Instead, you can learn the skills you need to be an effective administrator through our immersive 12-month Mastery Courses:

5 onsite meetings
(a total of 7.5 days of training)

Monthly phone meetings

Mentoring and support from the Avitus Dental teaching team

Helpful resources such as forms, letters and charts