Professional Business Administration: By You

More competition, smaller profit margins and evolving patient habits mean dental practices have to operate effectively—as businesses as well as practices. To do that, you need a talented, highly educated and well-trained business administrator.

If that’s your role, you can stop beating yourself up, burning time trying to find answers and doubting your career choice. Instead, you can learn the skills you need to be an effective administrator through our immersive 12-month Mastery Courses:


5 onsite meetings
(a total of 7.5 days of training)

Monthly phone meetings

Mentoring and support from the Avitus Dental teaching team

Helpful resources such as forms, letters and charts

For Practice Administrators

Would you like to streamline your own work processes, manage your employees more effectively and better manage your practice overall?

  • Clarify and prioritize your job responsibilities.
  • Build and manage a strong team.
  • Measure practice performance and efficiency.
  • Communicate well with doctors, employees, vendors and anyone else, in any situation you face.

For Consultants

What if you could bring real value to your clients and grow your consulting business at the same time?

  • Communicate effectively with clients in conversation and messaging.
  • Apply metrics-driven strategies.
  • Interpret profit and loss statements and apply the lessons to the practice.
  • Model and teach leadership.

For Directors of Operations

How would you like to effectively manage your remote resources, create strong teams at each of your locations and ensure uniform performance across your entire organization?

  • Manage remote workers, teams and doctors.
  • Create training protocols that ensure all locations embody your practice philosophy.
  • Establish effective, organization-wide financial systems and processes.
  • Monitor KPIs for various locations and your entire organization.